The Portland Roadster Show has been owned and produced by the Multnomah Hot Rod Council since 1956


Hall of Fame History

The Portland Roadster Show Hall of Fame was initiated in the early years by Show Chairman Bill Peterson and the Multnomah Hot Rod Council as a special achievement award for the Portland Roadster Show.  The Hall of Fame recognizes vehicles that have won Top Awards at the Portland Roadster Show and achieved National recognition or Awards at other major car shows.  Once inducted Hall of Fame vehicles may only show as a Hall of Fame display in the Portland Roadster Show and will not be eligible for future judging or prize money.  The Hall of Fame may also induct Honorary Members known by their tremendous contributions to the automotive hobby, MHRC and charitable community work.  The vehicles ambassador or honorary inductee will receive a jacket and an engraved silver platter in recognition of this very special award.

Vehicles must be nominated by someone other than the owner or builder.  Nominations must be submitted by Jan. 31st of that years Portland Roadster Show to be eligible for consideration.  Nominations will be reviewed by current members of the Hall of Fame, the Executive Board of the Multnomah Hot Rod Council, and the Show Producers of the Portland Roadster Show.  Nominated vehicles deemed worthy of consideration, should make every attempt to be on display at that years PRS.  Hall of Fame members, the MHRC Executive Board, and the PRS Show Producers will meet during that years show, and be briefed on each vehicle that who's nomination has been accepted.  They will then consider each vehicle and a secret ballot will be taken.  Results of that vote will determine if the vehicle will be inducted.  Vehicles not accepted that year, will be carried over until the next years show for reconsideration.  If the vehicle is rejected a second time, it will have to be nominated again for future consideration.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Honorary Member Qualifying Considerations:

1. The Nominee will be an individual who has shown dedication and made a notable contributions to the Portland Roadster Show, the Multnomah Hot Rod Council, the automotive hobby and/or their community through charitable work.

2. Honorary Membesr must be nominated by an MHRC member to the MHRC Executive Board and the Show Producers of the PRS for review and approval.

3.  Nominations must be received by Jan. 31 prior to that years PRS.

4.  The MHRC Executive Board, and PRS Show Producers will vote by secret ballot on each honorary candidate.

Honorary Hall of Fame Application